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Welcome to the Hazes laboratory for structural biology

In my laboratory we use protein crystallography and bioinformatics to study the structure of proteins of medical importance. The goal is to understand the function of those proteins and, ultimately, to use this information to design ways to enhance, alter, or block their function.

For new visitors I recommend that you check out the HIGHLIGHTS page which lists several home-grown tutorials and programs that may be of interest to you.

If you are a student looking for a 498/499/summer project check out the bioinformatics projects that are currently available here.

Crystallography is a powerful technique to obtain three-dimensional atomic models of molecules. If you want to learn more about this technique or other methods of structure determination then follow this link. If you are at the University of Alberta you can also take the BIOC609 course that teaches you all you need to know about crystallography.

With the growing amounts of biological data bioinformatics is becoming a rich source of information to complement structural and other studies. My laboratory is interested in the mechanisms of structural and functional restraints that drive the conservation, or lack thereof, at different sites in proteins. In particular, I am using phylogenetic methods to model site-specific evolutionary restraints.


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For questions or suggestions please send e-mail to: Bart.Hazes@Ualberta.ca

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