Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks is one of the original three fish sanctuaries along the Batangas coastline that were established in the late 1970s. As a result, a higher amount and diversity of fish can be found here and Twin Rocks ranks consistently at or very near the top for reefs that can be dived from shore. Its straightforward topology, relatively shallow depth, and generally low current also make it a safe and relaxed site where you can explore the varied life from big jacks to small gobies and nudibranch.

Bigeye trevally Bigeye trevally: large school swirling by day around twin rocks. At night they move away to hunt.

Eastern triangular butterflyfish Eastern triangular butterflyfish: pairs roam the seaward edge of the reef.

False clown anemonefish False clown anemonefish: one of at least three kinds of anemonefish on Twin Rocks.