Best pages on this site (more to come)


Data collection
Set of pages explaining theory and practice of X-ray diffraction data collection.
Heavy atom binding
Set of pages explaining the properties of heavy atoms for use as isomorphous replacement reagents.
Molecular replacement
Web page explaining the Molecular replacement method for phasing a structure using a related molecule of known structure
Powerpoint presentation slides for the Biochem609 class on the convolution theorem by Masao Fujinaga.
Synthetic gene design
Set of pages explaining the design of a synthetic gene optimized for protein expression (Work in progress)
hardware stereo setup
Instructions to setup hardware stereo to run Xfit on Linux


On-line disulphide bond engineering predictions
More to come...


Find sites where new disulphide bonds can be engineered into proteins of known structure. (ssbond, Linux RH7.2 executable)
Given a PDB and ASCII structure factor file this program calculates the electron density at each atom's position (hydens, Linux RH7.2 executable)
Program to manipulate coordinate files in PDB and MCF formats. Documentation is in the program header and in the HELP command. Should compile with standard Fortran 77 settings (mcfman, Linux RH 7.2 executable)